Well, the owl has flown the coop, there will be no nestcam.   I suspect the owl found a mate and is nesting somewhere else more appropriate.  I’m planning to build a bigger nest box over the summer, and hopefully next season will have some exciting images to share!

Professional update:  getting involved in the local SQL Server user’s group, which is supposed to be getting off the ground again after some years in limbo.  Hope to present at one of the meetings over the summer.  Data mining proof-of-concept work has been interesting, but there is still much to learn.  Currently working with the NPI data to improve our product — it’s already produced some new revenue, so that’s good.  Unfortunately, implementing it involves my doing some VB.NET programming (the VB being the unfortunate part), which is not where I want to go, but if it improves the product and keeps us in the game, I don’t mind doing that for a while.  Do hope to get back on that data mining soon, though.

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